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  • Attend a writing retreat! See a different side of Italy and meet other writers from around the world whilst staying in a 900-year-old monastery turned luxury hotel. I partner with local experts, businesses, farms and wineries to provide an inspiring, authentic experience of southern Italian culture. Learn more here

What students say about my workshops:

"I learned a lot about improving my writing...  colour, context, background, senses...The feedback was really useful! The exercises were really well thought-out and the writing examples were really high quality. I found them motivating and challenging. 100% recommend to others." - Clare, France

"I learned how to inject detail and emotion in my writing. I really enjoyed reading the sample exercises to gain insight. I do look forward to more opportunities with The Writing Grove - online and in-person :)" Lisa, USA

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Who am I?

I’m Lloyd. I was born in a small town in Virginia, in the United States. I have a degree in Film Studies from Columbia University in New York. I’ve studied playwriting and directing at the renowned National Institute of Dramatic Writing (NIDA) in Sydney, Australia, and worked with the Bell Shakespeare group there.

Short plays I’ve written have been performed in New York, London and Australia. My writing has been published in Europe and the US.

These days, I’m a Dutch citizen and divide my time between The Netherlands and Nardò in Puglia, Italy, where I hold writing retreats.

I also have extensive experience working on various projects with international luxury brands, hotels & resorts.

In my day job, I help companies with their marketing technology infrastructure.

A bit more about olive groves

Olive groves fill the landscape of my beloved Salento. Sadly, the disease has ravaged them over the past decade, killing millions of trees and decimating the local economy and the tree cover vital for the ecosystem. Intensive work is underway to regenerate the groves.

If you are inclined, you can support one such organisation here whilst at the same time offsetting your CO2 emissions and also receiving amazing, locally produced olive oil in the process.


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